In the summer time
Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hey there, small update, 3 new wallpapers to add to the list, check them out in the wallpaper section. The first is called butterfly girl, a Drew Barrymore pix nice and soft image, not to hard on the eyes. the other 2 are pretty much the same, its again a "The Village" theme, this time focusing on 2 charectors, if you've seen the movie you'll know why I did it, one is with a white background the other is more of a peach background, I used the colored background for my desktop, the other is the before i added some color, figured I would post it so you can choose.
as for the new templates, I am still tinkering with them, haven't had that much time to work on them, but I shall have them posted as soon as I can.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hey there everyone!

Yes Goonie Designs is back up and running again after a longgggggggggggg hiatus.
Not everything is up yet, I put mostly everything that was up before, the only new wallpapers I put up were...trapped and Warning, I'm still trying to locate the rest of the wallpaper I have created, some were lost in the shuffle, and some were lost completly.
As for the web designs, I will put those up within the next week or so, I have a few to add.
Take care for now.

I'll post the others when I get a chance in the next week or so....

Elf Version 1
I did this design for my best friend, she has a mad passion for Orlando Bloom, and the color purple as yu can see.

Claudia/Interview with a Vampire
I made this one for my best friend for christmas, again with her passion for purple, and her love for the charector Claudia from Interview, I came up with this one.

Elf Version 2
I made another Orlie design for her birthday this year, minus the purple, finally! She had no say in it so there! Simple one page design with all the goodies in pop up boxes, clean and no scrolling except for the post part.

Diary of a Music Whore
My friend Andrea asked me to deisgn her a blog to express her love for music, its a diary, mixed in with pix, add a splash of color..and voila!

The Certifiable Wenches
Andrea asked me to re-do the Wenches site, I thought why not go retro!

Here is a few things I would like to say, that should be said, and have to be here goes.

#1-I do not own any of the images that are used in my designs I have found them all over the internet, and scanned a few myself from magazines. If I was to give the credits for the images, it would be hard to give them to just one place, images are all over so figured I would say that.

#2-The only thing about these images that does in part belong to me is the manipulations of them...they are the workings and creativity from my own mind. If there is anyone out there who has somthing similar to what I have made, then it is a fluke, and not intentional, nor is it a copy and no I don't steal others work!

#3-These image manipulations are considered fan art none the less, and not intended for commercial use in any way.

#4-These fan arts and designs are all ┬ęcopyrighted. If I catch anyone taking any of my work, and passing it off as one of their own, I will show you the meaning of the word pain! Do I make myself clear?

#5-HTML, all the design of the HTML is of my own, meaning where it is placed and style of it is my own trademark if anyone wishes to know how to do it, contact me I will give you a tutorial in the best possible way.

#6-If anyone wishes for a special request they may contact me and I will return their email with 7 days. If request is tediuous, and requires a lot of man hours, I would like a donation for my time, I love to design and create but time is money none the less, I do make free images and designs, but! the extreme complicated ones will be negotiated.